CFP: Erotema A Conference on Rhetoric and Literature

Erotema A Conference on Rhetoric and Literature

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Could rhetoric play a more central role in literary studies than it hitherto has? Do both fields stand something to gain by a closer collaboration? Might such a combination of perspectives even be a means to open up rhetoric and literary studies alike to other disciplines, such as media studies, language studies, art history and ­pedagogy?

Erotema: A Conference on Rhetoric and Literature proceeds on the assumption that although questions of the above order may seem mere rhetorical questions – erotemata – to some of us, they demand genuine answers. To that end, we invite papers that address old and new ways in which the relations between rhetoric and literature may be further explored.

Proposals of 300-400 words for 20-minute papers dealing with rhetoric and ­literature in relation to the history of literature and/or rhetoric, language studies, translation studies, historical studies, teaching, subject specific teaching metho­dology, media theory, genre theory, political theory, gender studies, postcolonial studies, cultural studies, or any other topic, should be sent to, by January 13, 2017.


Confirmed keynote speakers are Roy Eriksen, Xing Lu, Richard Walsh, Andrzej Warminski, and Laura Wilder.


For more information on the conference and the speakers, please visit the conference web-site: .

Erotema is organized by KuFo, the culture studies research group at Karlstad


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