Ny bok: Festskrift till Mats Rosengren

24 oktober fyllde Mats Rosengren 60 – och det är 20 år sedan Doxologi – en essä om kunskap publicerades. Det firas med en antologi, redigerad av tidigare och nuvarande doktorander, med bidrag av vänner, kollegor – och familj. Personliga texter, akademiska, peer reviewade texter och essäer om Mats, doxologi och cave art.

Caves, images, and symbols are recurring topics in the work of Mats Rosengren, from his reading of Plato in his dissertation Psychagōgia – Konsten att leda själar, to his investigation of the world of paleolithic cave art in Cave Art, Perception and Knowledge.

While other philosophers might have descended into the cave with the aim of guiding visitors back up into the blinding light of eternal truths, Rosengren seems to be at home in the underworld.
Instead of dismissing the paintings that adorn its walls as merely shadowy copies or distorted images, or claiming that the truth of these pictures is readily available to us, Mats Rosengren invites any traveler joining him to understand them as different forms of sensemaking, forms which at first might appear foreign, but that, upon closer inspection, reveal themselves in all their complexity.

In this volume, the contributors take on some of the key themes found in Rosengren’s work, mirroring the stylistic, generic, and topical range that characterizes it. The volume is titled “Shadows in the Cave”, signaling a focus not on eternal truth, but – alluding to Plato – on the shadowplay of our human caves..